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Little Friends of the Little Friends / December 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

It is I. The holidays are upon us again. We here at Little Friends would like to thank everybody who made 2008 so two-thousand-and-eight-ish, which is to say, tha kold bizzness. So while you're out on the interstate, doing the relative thing, eating truck stop grilled cheese, halfheartedly doing a sudoku, nodding off in the back seat, we'll be in our underground bunker thinking of you, wishing you a Merry Something. So... buy some prints! 

There's a holiday cornucopia of stuffkins over at ye olde holidaye Little Friends "OOPS!" Temporary Webstore. Blooble on in and cram your face in the horn of plenty.
"BEASTS! Hundred-Handed Giant" print: A drool-worthy 7-COLOR print we made for Fantagraphics' BEASTS! exhibition*, celebrating the popularity of the BEASTS! book series and the general nice-to-look-at-ness of the artwork found therein (including... ...this image). And yes, I said drool-worthy. You read that correctly. Hey, you might even pee a little. See it here.
*ABOUT THAT SHOW: It opened in Seattle this week, and will subsequently travel on to San Francisco, New York, Planet Zoot, and beyond. See it soon!

We'll be at Threadless in Chicago Friday, January 9 for the release of our fancy new shirt (which I can't show you yet, but trust me: it's awesome). There'll be a little show, LITTLE FRIENDS: TOUGH LUCK, plus shirts shirts shirts shirts shirts. I urge you to venture out into the cold Chicago night (knowing full well that you might pass out in a snowdrift and never return) because IT IS WORTH IT. Really!
Handmade Nation, the movie where you can see our big Midwestern lameness projected 40 feet high on a screen, opens early next year (details tk). We recently discovered that we're a much bigger part of the film than we knew (that is not a fat joke, I'm talking about running time [and no, that is not an exercise joke]). We are now in FULL-ON panic mode. Melissa thinks that the people in the theater will turn around and stare at us in our seats during our part of the film. I'm thinking more pitchforks and torches or rotten eggs. If you see two nervous people in shoddy disguises and nose putty at the opening, that is not us. They are somebody else.

Adios, True Believers.
JW & Melissa
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