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Little Friends of the Little Friends / January 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WHAT'S POPPIN', my electric sliders?
It is I. Normally at this time of the year, I send out our annual "You Didn't Get What You Wanted for Xmas" newsletter, a truly hallowed and storied holiday tradition. I'd say things like: Sorry, we CAN NOT accept the McDonaldland Fun Bucks that your Nana gave you as legal currency. OR: I'd regale you with tales of the most brazen re-gifts ever received (me: a ladies' sweater / Melissa: an "I'm Going Nucking Futs" t-shirt). But this year, everybody else had the same idea (and they were quicker on the draw, too), making me look like a chump. I already saw some TV commercials for JCPenney that used this trope. SO: if you didn't get you wanted, maybe you should go there and buy some itchy acrylic sweaters and ankle boots. Otherwise, we have awesome prints & posters for sale at Little Friends. It's really your call.  
There's a whole raging pile of stuffkins over at ye olde Little Friends "OOPS!" Temporary Webstore. Blooble on down and have a look-see.
"BADDIES" print series: This one was a real crowd pleaser at the MIND GANGSTERS show-- A print series done up in FANCY and GLAMOROUS shiny metallic black ink-- OOH!  You've seen "Visit Chicago," now meet "Visit Philadelphia," "Visit Milwaukee," "Visit Los Angeles," and "Visit San Francisco." Buy some and embrace the inner gangster, mugger, German, dirty cop and/or naughty leatherman within.
PATTON OSWALT poster: A little, colorful, dynamic poster, for a little colorful dynamo on the occasion of his holiday shows in San Francisco. See it bigger (relatively speaking) here


As the last of our Fall-08 t-shirts trickle out of the store, we can see some interesting data about the relationship between the shirt designs and how quickly they sold in each size. For instance, shirts with a Record Collecting theme sold most quickly in very large sizes, but shirts with a theme of Healthful  Exercise sold most quickly in very small sizes. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say why things worked out this way. It is truly a mystery of science.
HEY CHICAGO! We'll be at the Threadless mothership January 9th for the opening of our little show, LITTLE FRIENDS: TOUGH LUCK, plus the release of our fancy new Threadless Select shirt (which I'm still not allowed to show you). New prints + Little Friends in person = DO IT!
Adios, True Believers.
JW & Melissa

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