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Little Friends of the Little Friends / February 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

WHAT'S PLOPPIN', my twilight ponies?
It is I. I'd like to send merry footballtide wishes to all the grilled meat enthusiasts this SUPRA BOWL Sunday. I know I'm writing this early, but wasn't it great when that one team scored more points than the other team? And the guys ran around and fell down and the coach looked real mad? And then that one TV commercial was so funny and the other one was oh so scandalous! And then Bruce Springsteen sang 1 or more hit songs and 1 or more boring new songs and then fireworks went off. These are memories we'll cherish forever. So... buy some prints!  
There's an endless glut of the good stuff over at the Little Friends "OOPS!" Temporary Webstore. So blooble on down and MAKE YOUR VALENTINE'S DAY ORDERS BY FEBRUARY 7th FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BECAUSE OTHERWISE THEY WON'T GET THERE.
"CHOCOLATE BAR" print: VALENTINE'S DAY is coming, and so we were going to make one chocolate-themed print and one love-themed print, and then you could choose one. Fun, right? But let's be serious here. I'm in love myself and chocolate still rules my life. There are couples who would probably push each other in front of a bus to get a king-sized Dairy Milk bar, or have a chainsaw fight or fling acid in someone's face for a remaindered case of stale Snickers. So we just made one extra-good chocolate print, almost worth killing for (although that probably won't be necessary). See it big here.
"BICYCL+" & "+ECORDS" prints: People asked us to make our recent shirt designs into posters, and we said, "OK FINE, there's nothing on TV today, we'll do it!" I guess these prints are for the people who hate shirts, like nudists and/or muscle-men. Anyway, they turned out pretty nice! Go buy one and be the toast of the nudist colony! Have a peek here and here.
INVADE ROME poster: YES, we still make the concert posters, occasionally. And we're good at it!  Ahhh, a vision in black metallic ink on black paper. This is a winner. Look here!   
"TOUGH LUCK" print: List people: You are hereby excused from having to buy this print (which is a self-portrait + cats). We know. So it's okay. We made it as a funny joke for our "TOUGH LUCK" show in Chicago. Still vaguely curious? Then see it bigger here

OLD STUFFS (update):
The "Baddies" print series was covered by some fancy-tyme blogs last month (so I guess it's officially good) and so later we realized what a pain it was for people to select each of the prints and add them to the cart. Now we've added an option to buy the full print series for $100 with its own button and everything. To the people who already bought the full set for the original price, please forgive us. We filled your tubes with extra goodies (that you didn't ask for) and so maybe you're not mad. We love you!
You can see our new Threadless Select shirt here and here.

Handmade Nation, the documentary film where you can see the flopsweat fly off our foreheads and through the screen in 3-D (not really) premieres in New York, Toronto, and Milwaukee in days, not weeks. So, as of next week those are three cities we can never visit again, which is tough because we happen to live in one of them. Check here for more details.
Adios, True Believers.
JW & Melissa

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