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The Little Friends of Printmaking


9/12/08 12:34 am - Little Friends of the Little Friends / September 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WHAT'S CHOPPIN', my crystal ships?
It is I. Melissa and I are cold on our grind getting ready for the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend in Chicago. We're preparing ourselves to spend two days huddled in a tent, hawking our wares like the people who sell used-up nudie mags at the flea market or the guy who sells chain-mail panties at Ye Olde Renaissance Faire. This is the wholly unglamorous part of what we do-- the part that doesn't involve rolling out of bed at 10am or world travel or internet microfame. In mere days, we'll be slathered from head to toe with zinc oxide (spf 6000), interfacing with the public (not our strong suit). MAKE THIS FARCE WORTH OUR TIME by coming out to see us in out tent. Say hello. Say, "What's up, my stoolies," and then we'll know you're a list person and treat you nicer. 
There's brand new stuff for sale in the Little Friends "OOPS!" Temporary Webstore. Blooble on down and have a sneaky peeky.
"Boston Terrier" print, CMYK version: OH YES! Now that the original version of this print has sold out, this is where the fun truly begins. ALTERNATE COLORWAYZ! Why did you think all the prints in the PRINTING ZOO: ANIMALS OF DISTINCTION series were printed in such small editions? Because we're lazy? Please. This way is more fun. Witness the new hotness here.
Rob Walker  lecture poster: If you're already a fan of Rob Walker's great "Consumed" column in The New York Times Magazine, then you're probably looking for something new and cool to buy. WHAT A COINCIDENCE. We have something just like that. Rob hired us to make a poster for one of his recent lectures and it turned out pretty awesome. Then, as if things couldn't get more meta, Rob did an interview with us here. Then things got so meta that the universe folded in on itself in a black hole of endless winking irony and cross-promotion. So, you're welcome.
HEY! We designed the cover for the current issue of RE:UP Magazine and it looks like this. The issue also has a feature on us that turned out pretty good and a big pull-out poster that looks like this. Is all of this a preview of new stuff for our November show in Mexico City at Kong?  All signs point to: YES!
Adios, True Believers.
JW & Melissa

9/4/08 08:17 pm

The incomparable R. Walker recently conducted an interview with us - you can read it here.

8/31/08 10:36 pm

A few things to share! First, our second ad for the Liberty Mutual Responsibility Project premiered in the August 24th issue of the New York Times Magazine:

Agency:  Hill Holiday

Second! The good people at RE:UP Magazine asked us to design the cover for their next issue (should be hitting newsstands on or around September 2nd). We also designed a large pull-out poster that comes FREEEE with the magazine (look for it inside the magazine - for duhs - next to the interview they did with us). Some images to enjoy:

Third!  We will be vendors at the upcoming Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago (September 13th & 14th). We plan on rolling out a bunch of stuff (what?? new shirts?? oh yes), and will have some stuff that won't be available on our website, like, ever. Hope to see you there!

8/4/08 11:29 pm

Hey, we did this poster for Rob Walker, the New York Times Magazine columnist & author of the recent book "Buying In."

He'll be speaking about his book & column at Politics & Prose in Washington, D.C. on August 6th. If you live in the D.C. metro area, you should check it out.

8/4/08 08:38 pm

Lookie-loo! An ad we did for Liberty Mutual in yesterday's New York Times Magazine. So shiny! The next one of ours premiers in the August 24th issue.

Agency: Hill-Holiday

7/28/08 12:57 pm

A mini-interview with us at OMG Posters:

7/22/08 11:53 pm - Little Friends of the Little Friends / July 2008

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

WHAT'S ZAPPIN', my precious moonbabies?
It is I. Melissa and I are getting pretty excited about the bunch of solo exhibitions we're having later this year, mainly because it's our only real opportunity to travel. There are probably some of you who are saying, "Oh, what a shame, work travel isn't a proper vacation," but I AM NOT LOOKING FOR YOUR SYMPATHY. We're not the kind of people who get our hair braided by the side of a cruise ship. We don't drink fruity cocktails out of plastic novelty cups. Truthfully, in the absence of all responsibilities, we would never, ever leave the house. It is in this spirit that I present the Little Friends Guide to Travel (U.S. Cities):
So as you can see in this chart, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, and Seattle all rate as "satisfactory" places to visit. However, they all rate as "poor" in the crucial "Is my house/bed there" category. So... Buy some prints!
There's brand new stuff for sale in the shiny futuristic Little Friends "OOPS!" Temporary Webstore. Strap on your virtual reality helmet, fire up that 33k modem and get ready for the cybershopping experience of tomorrow!
"Batman" (1966) poster: Usually when we get hired to do some movie screening poster we don't get to have so much fun. Luckily, this movie is an insane mess and so, voilà. To the batpoles! See it big here. Because people contacted us and insisted, there will also be some posters available without the text. (Fine! Whatever.) We usually call these "art" "prints."
"Boston Terrier" print: The newest print in our ongoing series, PRINTING ZOO: ANIMALS OF DISTINCTION, this print is a tribute to the Boston Terrier, America's Gentleman, the dog which never ever takes off its little waistcoat. See him here.
HEY! We designed the cover for the next issue of RE:UP Magazine, which also has a feature on us and a big pull-out poster also by us. Watch the newsstands or doo the googles.
Adios, True Believers.
JW & Melissa

6/26/08 01:16 am

America's Gentleman!

Available through our etsy store.

6/8/08 11:40 am - Little Friends of the Little Friends / June 2008

Monday, June 9th, 2008

WHAT'S CRACKIN', my tenderonis?
It is I. Let me lay some behind-the-scenes insider LFOP info on you: The June newsletter. It is so hard to write. It's the hardest one. There's no holiday, no point of reference, nothing. I could use this space to make some lame jokes about the solstice, or about Flag Day, but I respect you all too much to do that shit. THIS NEWSLETTER IS VERY IMPORTANT TO MANY SHUT-INS. I am their window to the world, which is sad. Which is why I'm going to talk about hot dogs and hamburgers. At length. NO, I'm going to talk about summer movies. This is a helpful heads-up to our Euro and Asian list people. I saw Indiana Jones and the Curse of the 50's Diner and it was so terrible. The effects at the end looked like they were from one of those old Mind's Eye videos you'd see at The Sharper Image in the 1990's. Indiana Jones' skin was all pinkish-gray and saggy. He looked like a pile of Arby's roast beef that was wearing a stupid hat. It made me so sad. But you don't have to be sad, because you can buy Little Friends prints. Two thumbs up! So... Buy some prints!
There are new LFOP interviews up at Josh Spear, Brightest Young Things, Wonting, and some other places which I've forgotten. Are we famous yet? 
There's brand new awesome stuff for sale in ye olde colonial Little Friends "OOPS!" Temporary Webstore. Blooble on in and have yourself a sneaky browse.
"Mister God" print: Our first print from BAD VIBES series 3! "Mister God" is your all-purpose wall-mounted god icon. You can stare at it while you pray for lucky lotto numbers, weight loss, world peace, or whatever. If you don't believe in that kind of stuff you can just stare at it, which is what I do. See it big here.
"Beaver" print: Here he is, cute as a fucking button, ready to either love you up or gnaw off your hand. (He hasn't decided yet.) He's the same size as "Ratso," and just like "Ratso," he was printed in a small edition for a Giant Robot show. Okay, this animal thing is very quickly (and quite accidentally) becoming a whole new print series. What do you think of the title ANIMALS OF RENOWN? How about PRINTING ZOO? Give it a think.
Noise Pop Festival 2008 poster: Do you like cute monsters? Good! How about giant cute monsters shaking people out of a van? Really? (I'm going to pretend you said "yes.") Then check out this noise! I almost forgot that we did this, and then they all showed up in a box the other day. Want one? They're pretty awesome. See it here and here!
HEY! There's an event coming up at Poketo in L.A. to benefit that movie Handmade Nation in which you can bear witness to our fatness. It's a silent art auction with work by a lot of fancy art people... and us, too. It'll be on July 19th so mark your calendar, angelenos, and hit up poketo for more details. 
AND! Did you know we'll be having a solo show and a workshop at Kong in Mexico City? This is all so fancy it kind of makes my stomach hurt. I'll stop talking now.
Adios, True Believers.
JW & Melissa

6/2/08 10:42 am

The awesome Mr. John Foster (known for, amongst other things, being the author of New Masters of Poster Design - which we are featured in) recently interviewed us and it's up now. Read what we have to say about things you don't care about!
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