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The Little Friends of Printmaking


3/23/10 07:11 pm

We don't really update this anymore; sorry about that. If you'd like to know what we're up to, here are a few different ways:

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2/2/09 11:28 am - Little Friends of the Little Friends / February 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

WHAT'S PLOPPIN', my twilight ponies?
It is I. I'd like to send merry footballtide wishes to all the grilled meat enthusiasts this SUPRA BOWL Sunday. I know I'm writing this early, but wasn't it great when that one team scored more points than the other team? And the guys ran around and fell down and the coach looked real mad? And then that one TV commercial was so funny and the other one was oh so scandalous! And then Bruce Springsteen sang 1 or more hit songs and 1 or more boring new songs and then fireworks went off. These are memories we'll cherish forever. So... buy some prints!  
There's an endless glut of the good stuff over at the Little Friends "OOPS!" Temporary Webstore. So blooble on down and MAKE YOUR VALENTINE'S DAY ORDERS BY FEBRUARY 7th FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BECAUSE OTHERWISE THEY WON'T GET THERE.
"CHOCOLATE BAR" print: VALENTINE'S DAY is coming, and so we were going to make one chocolate-themed print and one love-themed print, and then you could choose one. Fun, right? But let's be serious here. I'm in love myself and chocolate still rules my life. There are couples who would probably push each other in front of a bus to get a king-sized Dairy Milk bar, or have a chainsaw fight or fling acid in someone's face for a remaindered case of stale Snickers. So we just made one extra-good chocolate print, almost worth killing for (although that probably won't be necessary). See it big here.
"BICYCL+" & "+ECORDS" prints: People asked us to make our recent shirt designs into posters, and we said, "OK FINE, there's nothing on TV today, we'll do it!" I guess these prints are for the people who hate shirts, like nudists and/or muscle-men. Anyway, they turned out pretty nice! Go buy one and be the toast of the nudist colony! Have a peek here and here.
INVADE ROME poster: YES, we still make the concert posters, occasionally. And we're good at it!  Ahhh, a vision in black metallic ink on black paper. This is a winner. Look here!   
"TOUGH LUCK" print: List people: You are hereby excused from having to buy this print (which is a self-portrait + cats). We know. So it's okay. We made it as a funny joke for our "TOUGH LUCK" show in Chicago. Still vaguely curious? Then see it bigger here

OLD STUFFS (update):
The "Baddies" print series was covered by some fancy-tyme blogs last month (so I guess it's officially good) and so later we realized what a pain it was for people to select each of the prints and add them to the cart. Now we've added an option to buy the full print series for $100 with its own button and everything. To the people who already bought the full set for the original price, please forgive us. We filled your tubes with extra goodies (that you didn't ask for) and so maybe you're not mad. We love you!
You can see our new Threadless Select shirt here and here.

Handmade Nation, the documentary film where you can see the flopsweat fly off our foreheads and through the screen in 3-D (not really) premieres in New York, Toronto, and Milwaukee in days, not weeks. So, as of next week those are three cities we can never visit again, which is tough because we happen to live in one of them. Check here for more details.
Adios, True Believers.
JW & Melissa

2/2/09 11:25 am - Little Friends of the Little Friends / January 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WHAT'S POPPIN', my electric sliders?
It is I. Normally at this time of the year, I send out our annual "You Didn't Get What You Wanted for Xmas" newsletter, a truly hallowed and storied holiday tradition. I'd say things like: Sorry, we CAN NOT accept the McDonaldland Fun Bucks that your Nana gave you as legal currency. OR: I'd regale you with tales of the most brazen re-gifts ever received (me: a ladies' sweater / Melissa: an "I'm Going Nucking Futs" t-shirt). But this year, everybody else had the same idea (and they were quicker on the draw, too), making me look like a chump. I already saw some TV commercials for JCPenney that used this trope. SO: if you didn't get you wanted, maybe you should go there and buy some itchy acrylic sweaters and ankle boots. Otherwise, we have awesome prints & posters for sale at Little Friends. It's really your call.  
There's a whole raging pile of stuffkins over at ye olde Little Friends "OOPS!" Temporary Webstore. Blooble on down and have a look-see.
"BADDIES" print series: This one was a real crowd pleaser at the MIND GANGSTERS show-- A print series done up in FANCY and GLAMOROUS shiny metallic black ink-- OOH!  You've seen "Visit Chicago," now meet "Visit Philadelphia," "Visit Milwaukee," "Visit Los Angeles," and "Visit San Francisco." Buy some and embrace the inner gangster, mugger, German, dirty cop and/or naughty leatherman within.
PATTON OSWALT poster: A little, colorful, dynamic poster, for a little colorful dynamo on the occasion of his holiday shows in San Francisco. See it bigger (relatively speaking) here


As the last of our Fall-08 t-shirts trickle out of the store, we can see some interesting data about the relationship between the shirt designs and how quickly they sold in each size. For instance, shirts with a Record Collecting theme sold most quickly in very large sizes, but shirts with a theme of Healthful  Exercise sold most quickly in very small sizes. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say why things worked out this way. It is truly a mystery of science.
HEY CHICAGO! We'll be at the Threadless mothership January 9th for the opening of our little show, LITTLE FRIENDS: TOUGH LUCK, plus the release of our fancy new Threadless Select shirt (which I'm still not allowed to show you). New prints + Little Friends in person = DO IT!
Adios, True Believers.
JW & Melissa

12/26/08 01:45 pm

We were recently interviewed on the radio show Lake Effect. Listen to us talk about printmaking and whatnot in a mostly coherent fashion (except that we accidentally said Stanley William Hayter when we meant to refer to Alfred Sessler - way to go, us).


(Scroll down to "Making Printmaking.")

12/19/08 01:49 am - Little Friends of the Little Friends / December 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

It is I. The holidays are upon us again. We here at Little Friends would like to thank everybody who made 2008 so two-thousand-and-eight-ish, which is to say, tha kold bizzness. So while you're out on the interstate, doing the relative thing, eating truck stop grilled cheese, halfheartedly doing a sudoku, nodding off in the back seat, we'll be in our underground bunker thinking of you, wishing you a Merry Something. So... buy some prints! 

There's a holiday cornucopia of stuffkins over at ye olde holidaye Little Friends "OOPS!" Temporary Webstore. Blooble on in and cram your face in the horn of plenty.
"BEASTS! Hundred-Handed Giant" print: A drool-worthy 7-COLOR print we made for Fantagraphics' BEASTS! exhibition*, celebrating the popularity of the BEASTS! book series and the general nice-to-look-at-ness of the artwork found therein (including... ...this image). And yes, I said drool-worthy. You read that correctly. Hey, you might even pee a little. See it here.
*ABOUT THAT SHOW: It opened in Seattle this week, and will subsequently travel on to San Francisco, New York, Planet Zoot, and beyond. See it soon!

We'll be at Threadless in Chicago Friday, January 9 for the release of our fancy new shirt (which I can't show you yet, but trust me: it's awesome). There'll be a little show, LITTLE FRIENDS: TOUGH LUCK, plus shirts shirts shirts shirts shirts. I urge you to venture out into the cold Chicago night (knowing full well that you might pass out in a snowdrift and never return) because IT IS WORTH IT. Really!
Handmade Nation, the movie where you can see our big Midwestern lameness projected 40 feet high on a screen, opens early next year (details tk). We recently discovered that we're a much bigger part of the film than we knew (that is not a fat joke, I'm talking about running time [and no, that is not an exercise joke]). We are now in FULL-ON panic mode. Melissa thinks that the people in the theater will turn around and stare at us in our seats during our part of the film. I'm thinking more pitchforks and torches or rotten eggs. If you see two nervous people in shoddy disguises and nose putty at the opening, that is not us. They are somebody else.

Adios, True Believers.
JW & Melissa

11/22/08 11:38 am

Thursday, November 20, 2008

HAPPY TURKEY-LURKEY, my buttered corn muffins!
It is I. We're back from the México (it was awesome) and are now preparing to enter the gravy-soaked heart of carbsness which is Thanks-taking, the best holiday ever. For our many non-U.S. list peoples, let me explain: This is the holiday that commemorates the time when early settlers, who had had a pretty crappy first year, were about to go all "Alive" and munch on human flesh and then the Indians were all like, "SRSLY? Eat this turkey instead. This is America, doodz." And so then they all had a HUGE raging party together but it got way, way out of hand and because there were no cops to call they had to smoosh all of the settlers' skulls with logs and big rocks. And that's why we celebrate Thanks-taking. So... buy some prints! 

We're back in the states, so your order shipments are going out now, now, NOW! Just to let you know.

There's an embarrassment of riches at ye olde Little Friends "OOPS!" Temporary Webstore. We could have released these all slowly and shrewdly, but the holidays are here, so POW, here they are, ready for your love. Blooble on down and have a peeky-poo.
"LFOP: MIND GANGSTERS" poster: Some of our art shows don't merit a poster; some do. And then some deserve a poster so awesome it makes people say "Oh, SHIT!" when they open up the package (in a good way). This was one of those shows. See the new hotness here.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------"THE INSIDE TRIP" print & "COSMIC DRAWER" print: I don't know what it is about these super-big versions of prints that started out teeny-tiny small. They always look so good and people like them so much. See 'em here and here.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------"CALL OF THE MYSTIC FROG" print: We did this for that NOW SHOWING show in London and everyone else did posters about/for super-tasteful "good" movies but we did one for Psychomania, the movie about undead bikers who like to jam out on folk guitar. (Netflix that shit.) So I guess that about tells you where our head is at. See it big here.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------"END TIMES BOOGALOO" print: Celebrate the end of days with this hot jammer. Or, forget the end of days and just celebrate kooky lettering. Ce-le-brate good times, come on!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------"NEIGHBORHOOD" print: THIS ONE TURNED OUT AWESOME. VERY SHINY. (I use the all-caps because these detailed prints pretty much always sell better in person than on the website. This is just something I feel you should know. So when you see this in someone's house someday you'll be like, "Oh, it was awesome. Whoops!" )
-------------------------------------------------------------------------"THE IDLER'S GLOSSARY" poster: Another poster for a book tour (is this a thing now?), for (cool) Josh Glenn's cool new book The Idler's Glossary. This comes in different colors so THINK HARD then select.

MEGA ULTRA SUPRA-THNXX to Kong and everyone we met in Mexico City (where we are known as Los Micro-Muchachos de Serigrafia) during the MIND GANGSTERS installation & opening. We've got some photos around here (which include a sneak peek at new stuff coming soon [strictly for my list peoples]), check it!

Adios, True Believers.
JW & Melissa

11/5/08 05:45 pm

Hey Milwaukeeans - we are having an opening at Hot Pop on Friday, November 14th. We'll be there! You should too!

Little Friends Drown in Disco Toilet
Hot Pop * 213 N. Broadway * Milwaukee, WI 53202
Friday, November 14th
6pm - 10pm

10/29/08 12:39 am

Come & visit us at the upcoming Art vs. Craft! We've designed the promo materials, so the first 200 visitors get a free swag bag with a design by us on the front.

November 29th
10am - 7pm

10/25/08 01:44 pm

Kong welcomes you to Mind Gangsters, an exhibition of new prints and sculpture by the Little Friends of Printmaking. Opens November 12th. We will be in attendance!

10/13/08 12:25 pm - Little Friends of the Little Friends / October 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

WHAT'S THE JAM, my shapeshifting trollz?
It is I. Hope you're enjoying the World Economic Crisis™ and that everything is OK. I wanna take this opportunity to commend you, the list people, on your good taste and overall shrewdness. Why? Because we sell everything for the Nice Price, while other people who paid a thousand bucks for one of Shep's Obama posters are now staring at it, wondering if they should boil it into a fine gruel or maybe wear it as a cape. For the same price they could have bought one of everything we made last year (plus maybe we'd do a little dance for them) or they could buy enough canned food and pr0nos to fill up the unabomber shack that they now have to move into. Meanwhile, you're sitting pretty. So... buy some prints*.
There's a mess of brand new shirts for sale in the Little Friends "OOPS!" Temporary Webstore. YES, we have new shirts. FINALLY! Glooble on down and have a mini e-browse.
"+ECORDS" shirt: For the record collector in your life. The shirt that says: "$16 for a VG-- copy of "Safe as Milk" with writing on the label? Boo to you, sir!" Printed on super-soft American Apparel track shirts. We're doing a bunch of shirts about popular pastimes of dudes. If we were inclined to call it something it would probably be DUDES, EXPLAINED, but that's such a crummy name. See it big here.
"BICYCL+" shirt: What do you buy for someone who's always covered in grease? A fresh shirt, of course. Bonus points if it has a bicycle on it. Have a look here.
"VISIT CHICAGO" shirt: This shirt is not about the pastimes of dudes. It has a gangster on it with a tommy gun. While gangsters were dudes, and shooting people is technically a pastime, this is something else entirely. See it here.
All this, plus new colorways of "Tastee Treats" and "Boston" in the store this month.
Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at Renegade in Chicago and said the secret password. We should do that all the time-- it was awesome! It makes me think of the old days, when this newsletter was basically an obscene e-mail chain letter sent to a handful of people (really!). Now there are so many of you subscribers, and it is totally not special at all, it's totally mundane, so get over yourself. Jeeez! And posters are totally stupid. (<--- This part was written by Melissa's little brother.)
Adios, True Believers.
JW & Melissa
*(It couldn't be any worse than putting your money in the bank.)
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